Our Story

Building Blocks was founded in September, 2013. The concept for Building Blocks manifested over several years of working closely with local Governments, Universities, Community Development Organizations, and private companies to address the lack of economic opportunity in under-served urban and rural communities throughout the State of Florida. Through accumulating thousands of hours of public service and conducting extensive independent field and academic research for over a decade, Building Blocks understands and appreciates the nuance in the factors causing such dire circumstances in many cities throughout America.

Floundering economic activity ravages communities. It is a chain-reaction where small businesses begin to close down, single-family homes foreclose, neighborhoods succumb to the myriad of unfortunate circumstances of crime, poverty, violence, inept service delivery, and a lack of all-around opportunity that permeate communities.

In addition to the deterioration of these urban areas, the surge in urban renewal projects and gentrification of communities resulted in the rapid displacement of underserved populations, moving them further away from the nerve center of economy activity, and undercutting their opportunity to reap the benefits of community reinvestment.

As viable job opportunities for blue-collar workers dwindle, the feasibility of home ownership, reliable transport, and overall neighborhood affordability hinders the prospect of hard working citizens maintaining a residence in their community, much less saving money or raising a family.

Building Blocks is dedicated to building stronger communities through assisting underserved populations in the pursuit of their professional endeavors. In offering a variety of business development and educational solutions not generally extended to them, Building Blocks holds firm that great cities are not just driven by large businesses, rather they are built brick by brick by hard working people who invest daily in communities that likewise should invest in them. Building Blocks strives to be a supporting cast of counselors and like-minded peers to all who are dedicated to the goals of personal and professional improvement, community building, and grassroots economic development.