Concept & Business Development

Let Building Blocks help identify business models and distribution channels best suited for your idea.

Business Incorporation

Take the first step toward making your business official! Building Blocks helps clients select the best corporate designation, as well as apply for their EIN with the IRS.

Preliminary Brainstorming

Is your idea still its infancy? We can help you brainstorm your idea, and prime it for a viable business model.

Business Plans

A clear, thoughtful, well-formulated business plan can make or break a business opportunity. Building Blocks goes in depth, section by section to construct a viable 3-year or 5-year plan, worthy of securing funding.

Feasibility Studies

Are you targeting the right audience? Is there a market for your product, and is this market ripe for such an opportunity? How much should you charge to be competitive? These are questions that proposed business ventures need to ask. We can help you answer them.

Focus Groups

How do consumers feel about your product? Where could it be improved? Building Blocks has developed several interactive qualitative research modules designed to elicit unbiased information from the very consumers you will sell your good and services to.


Grant Writing

A strong grant can serve as the lifeblood of any nonprofit, program, or research study. Building Blocks taps into its vast network of professional relationships throughout the foundation and government communities in order to produce quality grant proposals.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Building Blocks assists clients in merging cause with creativity. Our talented team network of graphic designers and content developers can assist clients with create the most effective crowdfunding campaign.

Fundraising and Revenue Building

In need of funding? Building Blocks helps to identify potential revenue streams for your business or organization, as well as assistance with loan applications and government contracting.

Angel/Equity Investing

Looking for the right business partner, or an influx of capital? Building Blocks will leverage its vast network of entrepreneurs, investors, and grassroots venture capitalists interested in joining your ownership team.



Need to determine where and how to get your product to its target audience? Need help in determining strengths and weaknesses, or pinpointing opportunities in a very competitive industry? We help clients develop a thorough marketing plan and implement unique strategies designed to meet organizational goals.


Work alongside our team of graphic designers and content developers to create your footprint in the market. From logo creation and promotional material to product mock ups and labeling, Building Blocks has you covered.

Advertising and Mass-Mailing

Building Blocks works with clients to develop a listservs, mailing lists, and other client lists while educating clients on the plethora of mediums available to transmit their content, and assisting them in setting it up.

Corporate Social Responsibility Advising

Building Blocks educates companies on the importance of taking a proactive approach in adopting business practices that promote ethical decision making and highlight the importance of public relations.

Event Planning

The right event can bring life to a brand and solidify a company’s mission. Building Blocks walks you through the event planning process, and pairs you with interior decorators, party equipment suppliers, and coordinators who can help you pull off your first, or next big event.

Social Media & Website Optimization

Need to drive people to your website and social media? Building Blocks teaches clients fundamental skills in increasing their web content’s viewership


Organization Management

Unsure which management practices are right for your company or organization? Building Blocks works with clients apply reliable management practices that promote workforce effectiveness and efficiency.

Capacity Building

Businesses, non-profits, and communities alike put themselves in a better position to succeed when they focus on the personal and professional development of its members and employees. Building Blocks can initiate a capacity building project that grooms everyone to be the very best they can be, while fostering camaraderie and changing organization culture for the better.

Program Review and Analysis

Do not risk losing funding by not meeting your benchmarks. Not only does Building Blocks employ the use of statistical and quantitative methods to determine the efficiency and progress of your programs, we can counsel you on how to meet your goals.

Strategic Planning Assessments

Executive level planning is essential to a thriving business. Let Building Blocks conduct a neutral, third party assessment designed to highlight strategies, determine organization direction, and internal accountability.

Leadership Processes

An organization with inadequate leadership is destined to fail. Building Blocks offers tutorials and lectures in teaching the fundamentals of leadership, and educating clients on the various forms sound leadership can undertake.

Governance, Risk, and Legal/Industry Compliance

Unfamiliar with the state and federal regulations of your industry? We research the Code of Federal Regulations, the US Code, and state and local municipal codes to determine the rules governing your industry, potential penalties, and coordinate with private inspection firms where necessary.

Internal Auditing

Building Blocks can assist clients in reconciling organization finances by conducting professional independent audits.


Bring your team together by learning and initiating exercises specifically designed to promote teamwork, cohesion, and solidarity.

Business Expansion

When the time comes for your business to expand, we will be there to determine everything from budget and feasibility, to product line and location scouting.


Governance, Risk, and Legal/Industry Compliance

Unfamiliar with the state and federal regulations of your industry? We research the Code of Federal Regulations, the US Code, and state and local municipal codes to determine the rules governing your industry, potential penalties, and coordinate with private inspection firms where necessary.

Procurement and Purchase Orders

Want to lower operation costs by saving money on supplies? Building Blocks leverages its vast client list to get the most affordable prices from suppliers.

Tax Preparation and Filing

Building Blocks pairs clients with tax professionals at a reduced rate, to assist in assessing tax liability and timely filing.

Trademark Filing

Building Blocks can help you protect your brand by filing for trademarks with your local State Department, and on the Federal level with the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Our services are vast and plenty. if you have any questions as to which areas are right for your business, feel free to send us a message or give us a call.